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Systems Change Expertise

Despite eighty years of evidence of the severe harm caused to children by institutionalisation, most countries in the world still routinely separate children from their families and place them in residential institutions, in the name of care and protection.  


Due to the tireless efforts of Georgette and many other activists, the global picture is shifting.  Over the last decade, most countries and global decision-makers have realised the harm caused by institutionalisation and have committed to solving this problem.  But dismantling systems of care and replacing them with something better is complex and fraught with difficulty.


Over the past three decades, Georgette Mulheir has developed, tested and successfully brought to scale an approach to solving this intractable global problem.

Georgette has developed a process for analysing a country’s health, education and social protection systems for children. She uses this data to help governments and communities design new systems to replace institutional care, enabling families to care for children.

Data-driven system design

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